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Our Program

​"...but Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for such belongs the kingdom  of heaven.'" Matthew 19:14


The Curriculum at Discoveryland is Bible-based, emergent, and developmental. Working together with the child's family through strong communication, our staff will observe, document, and offer activities that support and stretch the child's interests.  Much thought and careful planning is put into the environment to create a space where children can become engaged.  A daily routine supports the child's need for security.  Each morning begins with worship and prayer.  This is a  beautiful part of the day where we sing, read stories, and play games together as a group.  Music and art are incorporated into all aspects of our program.  Children are given ample time outdoors to breath fresh air, practice gross motor skills, socialize and explore their natural world.  



  • To provide a happy, healthy, and safe environment

  • To foster positive, conflict resolution skills

  • To develop good communication and encourage language development

  • To encourage decision making and learn how to make good choices

  • To develop positive self-worth and a good self-concept

  • To acquire tools for appropriate responses to feelings

  • To develop sound nutritional, hygiene, and safety practices

  • To value and respect individual differences and diversity

  • To have and understand a personal relationship with God

  • To encourage creativity and develop a love for learning

Our Classroom

We believe that knowledge is retained best through discovery and that a caring environment where the child is free to play is vital to their development and future education.  This freedom to play is balanced with a predictable routine.  Inspired by Reggio Emilia, we strive to create a beautiful and inviting environment that draws the child in, creating irresistible invitations to play and learn.  

Our classroom serves children ages 2-school entry.  In this family style classroom setting, children have the opportunity to learn from each other and develop a strong sense of self-esteem as they are each encouraged to do their personal best!


"Discoveryland is the best Christian preschool in Santa Cruz!" 

"Other Christian Preschools in Santa Cruz simply don't compare, in terms of how they care for our children"



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