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About Us

Discoveryland Christian Preschool is a pioneer in preschool education that was established in 1975.  We believe that every child is a unique and creative individual of great value designed for a specific purpose by our loving God.  In a warm, secure environment, we seek to develop within each child, feelings of uniqueness and positive self-esteem.  By providing a wide variety of experiences and materials we further strive to allow each child to feel daily success and accomplishment, develop personal creativity and gain spiritual insights. 

Our mission is to be a light in our community, partnering with the family in nurturing the wellbeing of the whole child, to grow in wisdom (intellectual) and stature (physical), and in favor with God (spiritual) and man (social).  (Luke 2:52)  The staff is committed to providing developmentally appropriate practices that support individuality, creativity and a respect for diversity.  

"Discoveryland is the best Christian preschool in Santa Cruz!" 

"Other Christian Preschools in Santa Cruz simply don't compare, in terms of how they care for our children"

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