About Us

Discoveryland Christian Preschool is a pioneer in preschool education that was established in 1975.  Our model of education is something called “True Education.” Simply stated, this means engaging in the development of the whole child; specifically, their mental, physical, and spiritual growth.  We recognize that each child is a unique, special, and creative individual of great value designed for a specific purpose by a loving God.  We want to know what the child thinks, feels, and wonders. By providing a wide variety of experiences and materials we further strive to allow each child to feel daily successes, a sense of accomplishment, and to attain spiritual insights. We seek to develop within each child feelings of uniqueness, positive relationships with their peers and adults, and promote social and emotional skills that lay the foundation for lifelong success.

"Discoveryland is the best Christian preschool in Santa Cruz!" 

"Other Christian Preschools in Santa Cruz simply don't compare, in terms of how they care for our children"